Attorney & Developer
Portland, OR
About Brian

I am an attorney in Portland, Oregon, currently developing web and software based solutions to promote access to justice.

I believe in trying to leave everyone better off than they were found.

I have practiced law for more than 10 years in both the non-profit and private sectors, and maintain a social justice-minded and communally responsible approach to the law.

In law school, I studied abroad twice. First at the University of Amsterdam, where I studied Family, Health, and Reproductive Law, and second at the University of Technology in Sydney, where I studied International Civil Rights and Business Law.

I graduated from Lewis and Clark Law School in 2010, and from UC San Diego in 2007, where I earned a B.S. in Behavioral Psychology.

I have a passion for gaming in all forms, both digital and physical. Tabletop games and video games are my regular hobbies. I am also an aspiring Dungeon Master.

This site also features my projects and my writing.