Attorney & Developer
Portland, OR
My Projects
Is It Fair Use?
Fair Use website screenshot
Inter­active web app­lication that program­matically analyzes questions of Fair Use under US copy­right law, and returns an over­view of the legal consider­ations relevant to the visitor's specific situation.
Front: HTML5, CSS3
Back: Flask/Python
Affair of Honor
Affair of Honor website screenshot
Browser game made in van­illa Java­script with CSS anim­ations. Inc­ludes opp­onent AI for single-player mode.
Front: Javascript, CSS3, HTML5
TaTo Time: Tabletop RPG Timekeeper
Tatotime website screenshot
Online tool to track time and date in a table­top RPG campaign. Game masters use it to create real­istic dead­lines for players, track world events, mon­itor sea­sonal and lunar changes, and more.
Works either with or with­out an account, and includes fully custom­izable cal­endar set­tings, time set­tings, and vis­ual themes.
Front: HTML5, CSS3, Jquery
Back: Flask/Python, PostgreSQL
Daily Pride Journal
Pride Journal website screenshot
Data­base to record and dis­play a bullet-journal style log of reflect­ive moments of pride and grat­itude. Record­ing moments daily earns the user dig­ital stick­ers to en­courage a regular habit of pos­itive affirm­ation.
Front: HTML5, CSS3
Back: Flask/Python, PostgreSQL